Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet the family!

This is mostly so that I can refer to this page from the main site, but here is a list of my toons (on my main account, anyway).

This is D (80), with her nobility-styled hair and her refusal to face the camera. Shy? No, she used to be, but now she's just snooty, because she is my main and will likely remain that way until the end of my WoW days. She is main specced shadow, and was my first toon to 70 and then to 80. She barely acknowledges her younger siblings' existences because her gear score makes her SUPERIMBA. When she is logged in, she can usually be found either in a raid or doing something for achievement points. She doesn't bother doing dailies anymore - she lets others handle those menial tasks. In other words .. she's too good for dailies.

This is D's fun-loving sister K (80), who likes to smash faces in with big maces and axes (she's turned sideways to show off her newest axe here). She's pretty much become "second main" instead of an alt - her gear is almost as good as D's and she raids nearly as much. She picks herbs and makes potions and flasks for herself and her brother and sisters, and she'll do dailies if it strikes her fancy.

Big brother S (80) - he's not exactly the warmest of fellows, but he enjoys clawing faces out with the best of other druids. He is specced to be a rawrbear and spam Rejuv. Currently enjoys flying loops in the sky above Crystalsong Forest for fun.

This is E (80), specced prot and holy.  Not doing much on her aside from the occassional ICC run.  She's probably bored to tears!

This is TW, 74 79!, arcane blasting her way into Northrend. She WAS specifically being leveled for the Undergeared project, but that idea fell through the wayside.  I'm currently trying to powerlevel enchanting on her so I can dump it on D in anticipation of another profession (whatever ends up on top) for Cataclysm.

My first main before catching site of a shadow priest and rerolling, this is T (32 46 62!), my rogue. She's slicing and dicing her way through Outlands, loving assassination spec. With hardly any downtime and multiple ways to stay ahead of her foes in battlegrounds, she is a force to be reckoned with.

This is P (30 46!), a BM hunter with her trusty croc. She mostly gets playtime when I like to "hide" the fact that I'm logged in. Leveling with her is almost easymode - kitty runs in, she shoots her arrows, and BAM! - mob is dead.

What about I?  She's 56 now - warlocks are kind of awesome.  I loved affliction - I recently respecced to demonology, but I don't actually like that as much.

And Rapanui is just ... sitting in SW.  She's 24.  Improved Revenge is still killer, though.

RIP, sad M - I deleted the old deathnoob because I never played her.  I made room for a druid (we'll call her L, resto, now 21 I think) and a priest (call her Ta, shadow of course, currently 23).  The priest is kind of fun, a project with a friend.  The druid has been sitting around.  I moved S to Icecrown (before two weeks later deciding to move D to Silvermoon like a dummy).  I have a smattering of lowbie 20's alts on Icecrown, but they have all been unplayed for months.  So many alts, so little time!