Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Over and Out

Yes, this is what it sounds like - as of today, this blog will be on hiatus. I may pick it back up in the future, but I can't be certain.

The reason?

The firewall at my place of employment has now blocked my blog. Not Blogger or Blogspot in general, but my blog specifically. I can update it, but without the means to look at comments or check if the photos look correct and all that, I don't feel like the old blog would be as efficient as it would be if I COULD do those.

And my at-home time is play time.

So no more blog, for now. Like I said, it may change in the future.

I can still read all of your blogs (adding new ones all the time) via Google Reader, and I will do so pretty much every weekday. I may comment if my work's firewall lets me, but most likely I will be unable to.

Anyhoo, sorry to the gobs one of you, but there are plenty of blogs out there to read.

I will still be around, like I said, and still playing the game. As of the date of this post, E the paladin is now 80 and in the process of gearing up to be a heroics tank for Emblem of Frost farming.

I may be inspired in the future to write something, but as of late I've been sort of "bleh" about the blog already - my interest was waning as it has been in the game itself. I'm still a raider at heart and will probably still be playing until Cataclysm.

EDIT: I deleted the part of this post about the names of my toons - will explain in the next post.

I'll still check this site sometimes, too, so feel free to drop me a line.

And with that, I'm out - keep writing and I'll keep reading!