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Pwning your way through ICC - a shadowpriest guide to maximizing dps

These are tips and tricks I've picked up for Icecrown Citadel as a main spec shadowpriest - please feel free to leave any advice or suggestions in the comments, particularly if I forgot anything.

I know this was done on, but Fox Van Allen or whatever his face is left a few things out, so these are my own observations and things I've picked up while playing through these fights myself.

Make sure you have the following in your bags before the raid:

  • 2 x Glyph of Dispersion
  • 3 x Glyph of Mind Sear (you can start off with this one, but see Marrowgar points below - otherwise you'll need an extra Glyph of Dispersion)
  • a stack (or more, depending on wipes) of Potion of Wild Magic
  • a stack (or more, depending on wipes) of Potion of Speed
  • a few Flasks of the Frost Wyrm
Of course on the trash, Mind Sear ftw - trash isn't important in the grand scheme of things if your raid is filled with good people that know what they are doing, but you don't want to spend your potions (and save your flask for when you are about to engage Marrowgar) on this stuff.



-hopefully, your raid (minus the huntards) is stacked INSIDE of Marrowgar's red aggro circle - some raids do it with everyone spread out, though, and if your raid is one of them, swap your Glyph of Mind Sear for Glyph of Dispersion
-a good raid leader will give a short countdown before the boss is engaged - use this to your advantage by double potting: use a potion RIGHT before the boss is engaged, which doesn't count towards your one-pot-per-fight (freeing you up to use another potion during the battle)
-in Marrowgar's case, you'll want to start with a good Potion of Wild Magic
-while running in, use your instants to build up your five stacks of Shadow Weaving (DP, SW: D, 3xDP should be sufficient, although you should be able to reach him before the five - in that case I'd suggest an opener of DP, SW: D, DP, MF (2 ticks), then you can apply your SW: P and other dots as normal)
-Mind Sear during bone spikes (unless your raid is spread out or there's a hunter that is spiked - in that case, apply VT+DP on farthest spike, then VT on the second, SW: D on the third [by this time the spikes should be almost dead anyway, so no need in applying a dot] and back on the boss - be sure to use MF first to refresh your SW: P stack before it falls off)
-continue applying VT and DP while he's bone storming around, and keep MFing, but if you are low on health make good use of your Dispersion while moving into place for when he stops spinning
-use your Potion of Speed right after a bone storm ends - DP while getting back in his aggro circle and VT also while it is up - if you are already in place then VT and DP refresh as soon as you pop the potion, then reapply both right before the effect wears off (you should have a timer for this)


-Potion of Wild Magic right before the pull (you can actually pull yourself), normal opener (my preferred is VT, DP, full channeling of MF, then SW: P)
-hopefully, you are on the boss unless there's an Empowered/Deformed Fanatic up (or even better, on the boss full time, but your dps won't decrease that much by taking care of those particular adds) - if not, after applying dots to Deathwhisper, VT every Fanatic you see and Mind Flay the last one - it is imperative that you have a dot timer that tracks dots on multiple targets
-Potion of Speed at any time - usually groups pop heroism/bloodlust at the start of the last phase, so feel free to wait until after the effect wears off to use your potion, thus extending your haste bonus for what will most likely be the remainder of her health


-(assuming you are not assigned to the cannons and are not jumping over) stand on the edge, VT a few of the axethrowers, pick one in the middle (you should still have Glyph of Mind Sear), and Mind Sear until adds on the ship spawn
-for 25 man, Mind Sear the adds on the ship, then work on the axethrowers again
-for 10 man, VT the adds on the ship, then work on the axethrowers again


-Potion of Wild Magic before fight starts (should have a timer for "combat starts")
-VT the beasts (can tab target or click on them individually) if you are one of many ranged with slowing powers (shamans with earthbind totem, hunters with frost traps, arcane mages specced into Slow [unlikely])
-if you are one of only a few ranged with slowing capabilities, you'll need to actually help with slowing the beasts - SW: P first beast you target and MF until dead, then switch to next, etc. - make sure you clip a MF on the boss before SW: P falls off (your handy dot timer, remember?)
-use Potion of Speed either in the beginning of the fight or around 30% right after beasts are dead (some raids use bloodlust/heroism in the beginning and some at 30% or so, adjust your timing of Potion of Speed accordingly)


-stand near the edge of the ranged semicircle, if you wish - thanks to Dispersion, you do NOT have to group up for the spore innoculation
-Potion of Wild Magic before the fight starts, switch to Glyph of Dispersion
-if you get Vile Gas, feel free to use Dispersion ONLY IF IT'S EARLY IN THE FIGHT or very soon after a Pungent Blight (and only if you are glyphed) - if you are not used to the fight or using Dispersion during Pungent Blight, you probably want to not use it at all except during Pungent Blight
-of course, if you get the spore, you still have to group up with folks
-as soon as you get the warning that he is casting Pungent Blight, use Dispersion - feel free to right click it off as soon as it's over with, to get back to dpsing as soon as possible
-tip for DBM users that rely heavily on the sound warnings like myself - go into DBM and turn off "special warning for Vile Gas" - more than once I have cast Dispersion during Vile Gas that was on me right before Pungent Blight instead of at the correct time because I reacted on the sound warning (same sound as the Vile Gas warning) instead of visual cue (I know, I suck ... until I turned the special warning for Vile Gas off)
-use Potion of Speed early (after a spore is cast on the raid) but not at the start of the fight, unless you are absolutely sure that heroism/bloodlust will be saved for later in the fight (different raids do it at different times)


-still Glyph of Dispersion, still Potion of Wild Magic before the start of the fight
-use Dispersion to zoom through the huge slime puddles to get to where your ooze-kiting tank is
-use Potion of Speed right after he casts the disease on someone, relatively early enough in the fight so that the diseases are not coming too fast


-still Glyph of Dispersion, still Potion of Wild Magic before start of the fight
-use Potion of Speed right after an ooze is killed (but well before the phase shift - most raids use bloodlust/heroism in the last phase and it goes by fast, but feel free to save your pot for after it wears off if your collective raid dps isn't very high)
-Dispersion if orange ooze is chasing you and is getting close, and use it during phase 3 if you need to get across a slime puddle

Blood Princes

-still Glyph of Dispersion, Potion of Wild Magic before start of the fight ONLY if the Princes have been engaged before (and so are targetable before the fight starts)
-Dispersion if some dillwad runs too close to where you are standing during Empowered Shock Vortex
-Dispersion if you need to get to the other side of the room when target swapping
-you should not be on kinetic bombs, but if you are, MB, SW: D, the opening cast of DP, and wanding are effective, your dots are not
-use Potion of Speed right after a target swap when you are in range - it doesn't matter which target, really

Blood Queen

-still Glyph of Dispersion, still Potion of Wild Magic before the fight starts
-Dispersion when you get the link and have to move towards someone else (you are taking damage during it and you are moving, so there's really no better time)
-FEAR WARD yourself right before the fight starts (or sometime in the beginning of the fight) and reapply when the cooldown is up - you can continue dpsing during her air phase when everyone else is running around like nubs
-when (if) you get bitten, Potion of Wild Magic, reapply SW: P, and go to town!


-Glyph of Mind Sear!, and don't bother with wasting a potion before the fight
-Mind Sear the suppressors and the abom worms (Fade before the latter)
-VT+SW: P everything else, keep DP rolling on something (and apply all dots and regular "rotation" on Blazing Skeletons when they come out)
-Potion of Speed when a zombie is up, if you really want to (it won't make much of a difference, though, so you really could save it, or instead use a Potion of Wild Magic for abom worm Mind Searing)


-Glyph of Dispersion!, Potion of Wild Magic RIGHT before she touches the ground at the start of the fight
-Potion of Speed right after an air phase
-when you get the Unchained Magic debuff thing, continue casting and ignore the screams from DBM telling you that you have 6,8,15(!) stacks
-then when she pulls everyone in, Dispersion BEFORE your stacks explode and as you are getting back into position
-if you are careful, during iceblocks (if they are positioned sort of close together) feel free to Mind Sear instead of single targetting, but you HAVE to have some sort of way (name plates turned on, for example) to monitor the health of the other iceblocks so you don't kill them before they should be killed

Big Kahuna aka. Lich King

-Glyph of Mind Sear! and Potion of Wild Magic (and probably a well-timed Fade [your tank will be pulling him back most likely and will not have full threat on him while moving him]) before the combat starts
-use your Potion of Speed early, in Phase 1, right after he sticks that disease on someone - this will be the only portion of the fight where you will most likely NOT be moving, and there is no target switching on this phase
-reapply VT, DP, and MF clip him as he is running to the middle at the end of Phase 1
-VT some ghouls/Shambling Horrors while waiting for Raging Spirits
-during Phase 2, if your raid is doing it effectively and you have efficient slowing/stuns, Mind Sear the Valkyrs down using LK as your target (in 25 man - only one Valkyr in 10 man, so no Mind Sear need, just nuke the Valkyr down and make good use of your MF snare)
-Dispersion during any movement phase (such as at the transition between phase 2 and 2.5 when you are moving onto the ledge and he is blasting the raid with a lot of damage)
-Phase 3, this is what you are really glyphed for Mind Sear for - MIND SEAR Vile Spirits as soon as they spawn in the air


And that's it! Easy! (Ha.) Anything I left out, shadow priests? Anything mentioned here not as effective as something that you do differently? Please let me know in the comments.

Happy facemelting!

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