Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Attunements in Cataclysm (possible spoilers)

Newish Blizzard "blue" post:

Looking to Cataclysm, maybe you want to know that, for normal dungeons, players must discover the dungeon in the world prior to access it from LFD tool. It is possible that you could see attunements for heroics and raids (which would be similar to the one of Karazhan). Developers aren’t sure yet of whether they use attunements or not. However, heroic dungeons at level 85 would probably have more gear requirement (in comparison) than heroic dungeons at level 80.

So .. attunements.  Awesome.  For someone like myself who only had one level-capped toon at the very end of BC, the idea of doing quest chains to "open" a heroic or raid is interesting to me, and it would indeed prevent the noobs and baddies from just stumbling out of the greens-and-blues questing scene to heroics and raids.

Except ... what about someone like myself, who has four level-capped alts?  Doing said attunement chains would be fun and exciting the first time around, but the second?  The FOURTH?

Hell to the no.

So I propose this:

Do the attunement chain once, get the "key" for a particular heroic or raid at the end, and have that key be account-bound.  Have gear requirements for the heroics and raids, still, but make it so that alts don't have to go through the exact same long quest chains that were JUST DONE in order to get into something.

I wouldn't oppose the "key" being account-bound AND faction-specific, either, if they wanted to do a separate quest chain for the factions.  As long as I don't have to do the same quests over and over and over again.

I love the gear requirements on the harder heroics, like Halls of Reflection - sure, it prevents me and my guildies from "running" someone's alt through it to gear them up, but that's really no skin off my back.  :-P

What do you think?  Attunements?  Hell no?

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