Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kitties and cats

Restokin had an interesting post interviewing druids in her guild, and one interview in particular caught my eye. 
What do you like least about the druid class & your spec?
•Part of what I liked least was removed when they redesigned cat and bear forms. As we all know, Blizz still needs to improve boomkin and tree. In addition, I don’t like that there is no visual advancement to my character in the form I take 95% of the time. It’s the same cat that I have stared at since level 20. I’d love to see either some armor or have the animal become more tough-looking somehow.
Of course, this made me think of how cool it would be if feral cats started off as, well, KITTENS!!

Level 20:

Level 85:

Wouldn't that be kick ass?  I'd definitely play a feral cat.


  1. Omg squee!!!

    I would just turn off xp at level 10 I think :D

  2. Too funny! (^_^)

  3. That would totally be worth playing a feral druid! Either way as kitten-tiger, or even to get armor. If Night Elves mounts can have armor, why cant druids?